Quadraxial reinforcing mesh

Even at first glance, the newly developed Quadraxial EGQ 016 reinforcing mesh makes its technical advantages clear – the star-shaped, homogeneous force absorption capacity:



Applications for Quadraxial EGQ 016


  • Plaster reinforcement in new buildings and renovations
  • Coatings in wall and floor applications
  • Exterior and interior areas

Crack prevention with  Quadraxial EGQ 016 means


  • Homogeneous force absorption through high-strength glass fibers at 0°, 90°, +45°, -45°
  • High force absorption from the lower elongation range to elongation at break due to the stretched thread layers
  • High alkali resistance thanks to high-quality coating formulation

Settlement, minor earthquakes and other influences often lead to diffuse cracks in the masonry, as bricks and joints have different compressive and tensile strengths.

The advantages of diagonal reinforcements are known from the reinforcement arrows, which are installed as an additional layer in the area of doors and windows.

Technical data of Quadraxial EGQ 016


  • Fabric width : 120 cm
  • Roll length : 25 running meters
  • Roll weight : 8 kg
  • Weight: 255 g/sqm
  • E-Modulus : 72 GPa
  • Elongation at break : approx 3%

Technical studies


Source: DEKRA – Investigation of the Quadraxial EGC 016 for the simulation of different dynamic loads – tensile force up to 6 kN/m = 300 N/5cm and up to 1.1% elongation; cycle of 60 minutes