BDBI- German Bookbinders’ Association 2024

Behind the scenes at the annual conference 2024 of the BDBI – Bund deutscher Buchbinder e. V. (German Bookbinders’ Association)

On April 26 and 27, 2024, the BDBI –  Bund Deutscher Buchbinder e. V. (German Bookbinders’ Association) held its annual conference in the Allgäu. The association represents the interests of bookbinders (especially in the craft sector), restorers, picture framers and studios throughout Germany. A central task is to promote young talent and support the interests of company management.


The preservation of the cultural asset “book”, the creation of new values through unique works of art and the individual production of luxury packaging are just a few examples of the diverse activities of this professional group.


The companies Dr. Günther Kast GmbH in Sonthofen and Klug-Conservation in Immenstadt have been supporting the BDBI (German Bookbinders’ Association)

for many years. It therefore made sense to visit these two companies during the conference and give the participants an interesting insight into the production of the raw materials.

KAST Bookbinding materials

KAST bookbinders manufactures technical fabrics for bookbinders, the envelope industry and the construction industry and sells them in around 60 countries. Bookbinding materials, consisting of cotton, paper and cardboard, are essential components of every hardcover book. We produce high-quality materials according to the different binding technologies used worldwide, in combination with various content papers and quality requirements, and supply them in the desired finishes.


Qualified employees are essential for the manufacture of these interesting products are essential, whether in production, administration or international sales. There is always a need for committed specialists in order to be well positioned for the future. In this respect, Dr. Günther Kast GmbH faces similar challenges as the craftsmen.