Sustainability in focus

„Sustainability and resource efficiency: Here are our progress and goals”

In collaboration with the energy consultancy ECA Concept GmbH in Kempten, we have intensified our efforts in the areas of sustainability and resource efficiency over the past year. We are proud to present some of the significant progress  and goals we have achieved.

CO2 transformation concept

We have carried out a comprehensive analysis of our use of resources and energy in order to identify potential savings. We took a close look at our electricity and gas consumption and identified opportunities for optimization. Our measures include increasing the use of renewable energies such as photovoltaics and hydropower, improving energy efficiency in the steam system and replacing electric motors. With these steps, we aim to continuously reduce our CO2 footprint. The transformation concept is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

Building refurbishment

At our second production facility in Sonthofen, we have carried out successful energy-related refurbishment measurements. These include windows and smoke heat extractors as well as lowering the storage temperature. We have also installed high-quality sectional doors to optimize insulation. We have also integrated an efficient high-speed door and an improved ventilation system with air circulation function to save even more energy. An important milestone this year was the energy modernization of our flat roof. Following a comprehensive structural assessment and a detailed expert opinion, the roof was re-insulated and re-covered in accordance with the latest energy standards.

Measuring point concept

Our comprehensive measuring point concept provides a transparent overview of our energy consumption. With the help of sensors in all relevant areas, we can identify further potential savings and plan targeted optimization measurements.

From small steps to LARGE projects

The combination of small steps and large projects means that we are continuously improving our energy efficiency and we see it as an ongoing process to continue developing and implementing sustainable solutions. Our aim is to continue to actively contribute to environmental protection in the future and to fulfill our responsibility towards future generations.

In 2022, our hydropower plant and photovoltaic system produced 259,058 kWh of green electricity.

Stay tuned for further positive developments and feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more about our sustainability efforts.


Your Kast sustainability team