Book Production

For the book production, different materials are needed – depending on the technical equipment in the bookbindery. We offer a very extensive product range from which our customers can choose the right material for all quality standards.

Perfect Binder

A perfect binder is a machine, on which industrially produced book blocks are glued and back lined. Our materials are usable on all technical systems in the market, such as paper lined mull, crepe paper, non-woven and calico to produce book blocks that can be used on any perfect binder.


In a casing inline (book line), the prefabricated book blocks are connected with the book cover to the finished book. Depending on the technical equipment of the casing inline, gauze, backliner and Headband are used. We supply these materials for traditional and new book lines

Thread Sewing Machine

Thread sewing machines use the highest quality binding method for stapling brochures or hardcover books. In this case, the individual signatures are connected with threads, so that the layers hold together. We deliver the threads for this production process. In this way, book blocks of the highest quality can be produced.

Ribbon Machine

In the industrial production of hardcover books, one or more ribbons can be applicated. The ribbon should allow the reader to mark a particular place in the book. They are glued to the top of the book block back and stick out a little at the bottom of the book. We supply ribbons for this production process.

Case Production

When producing book cases for hardcover books, the book covers are manufactured in a separate process. Besides of cover materials, cardboards and spine hollow are needed for book cases. We supply the spine hollow for this production step.