Technical Textiles

KAST produces and develops technical textiles for a variety of industrial applications. Our range of services include the weaving of glass grids, carbon, basalt and other fibers as well as the refinement of textile surfaces such as dyeing, chemical finishing and coating.

Structural Reinforcement

Todays composites reinforce concrete and masonry structures in terms of static and seismic values.

Masonry can be strengthened at the wall level as well as various wall angles to oppose technical failure.

KAST developed in close cooperation with national and international customers various reinforcement systems – especially for FRCM, CRM and FRP.

We manufacture open as well as dense woven, unidirectional and hybrid fabrics. Made from various types of high strength fibers such as carbon, basalt and AR glass that offer high-strength and low elongation values.

Earthquake Protection Systems

Based on many years of research and in close cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), KAST has developed various systems for improving the seismic safety of buildings.

We are destined to provide simple, inexpensive and innovative solutions. Increasing the safety of masonry and consequently protecting residents is of the utmost importance. Our solutions are easy to handle, economical but highly effective at the same time.

Concrete, Screed and Mortar Reinforcement

Reinforcing highly alkaline matrixes such as Concrete Slabs requires special alkali-resistant glass fiber fabrics, known as AR glasses. Those glass fiber fabrics offer a high zirconium oxide (ZrO2) content of ≥ 16%.

Steel reinforcements require a concrete cover of at least 35mm to 40mm (1.38in to 1.58in), often not possible when thin construction is needed.

KAST AR-Glass mesh fabric on both sides of the panel provides the solution.

More often Screeds are being reinforced with textile reinforcement grids of 9mm (0.35in) and up to 40 mm (1.58in) mesh size. This reinforcement prevents early shrinkage cracks and replaces conventional steel reinforcements with vast advantages e.g. aspects in logistics, handling, safety and costs.

Nowadays, the Mortar applied to masonry joints is often layered thinner and reinforcing grids are used in growing numbers to increase the stability of the masonry.

ETICS/Mortar Reinforcement

Insulated buildings using EIFS save energy and therefore contribute to the preservation of our environment.  Such systems require high-quality, certified and thoroughly tested reinforcement fabrics.

KAST, a partner of many renowned international system manufacturers, offers the widest range of products for this purpose.

Glass fiber mesh fabrics for interior and exterior application reinforce plaster and avoid cracks. Kast offers solutions – from light detail mesh till heavy duty mesh for thick mortar systems. Just ask us.

Drywall/Painters/Construction Primers

The use of high-quality materials are key to modern design of residences and rooms.

Appearance and functionality of the new constructed or renovated real estate are important aspects to consider.

Kast provides indoor products to obtain a long lasting and valuable construction quality.

Jute mesh fabrics are also available for drywall construction using clay board.


Kast manufactures geotextiles made from glass fibers or as glass/carbon composites (hybrid mesh). These grids for asphalt and concrete pavement reinforcement as well as for sediment and erosion control, ensure the high durability needed in this sector.

KAST GeTo geogrids enable a much greater life span compared to conventional pavement constructions, prevents premature restoration and is a cost and resource saver on all levels.


Fiber composites fulfill important tasks in a broad array of areas and are commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and construction industries.

Kast manufactures customer specific fabrics in its own carbon and roving weaving mill. The product range includes hybrid, wide width, dense woven loom state but also unidirectional fabrics as well as coated mesh grids made from carbon, aramid, basalt, glass and other fibers.

Industrial Applications

Technical fabrics are used in various industrial sectors – often as reinforcements within the finished product and not visible from the outside.

We develop application-specific fabrics with the appropriate use of yarns and coatings in close cooperation with our customers.

Textile Architecture

Textile architecture combines aesthetic efficiency with functionality.

A2 Technical Textiles by Kast, designs and manufactures non-combustible glass fabrics consisting of specific finishing and coatings for various interior applications (according to European Norm DIN EN 13501-1: A2-s1, d0).

Available as a mesh or dense fabric made of glass yarns or threads. These fabrics are commonly used in the areas of lighting, acoustics, design, printing and fire protection.