Technical Textiles: Earthquake Protection Systems

Based on many years of research and in close cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), KAST has developed various systems for improving the seismic safety of buildings.

We are destined to provide simple, inexpensive and innovative solutions. Increasing the safety of masonry and consequently protecting residents is of the utmost importance. Our solutions are easy to handle, economical but highly effective at the same time.


The EQ-GRID system increases the shear resistance of masonry by 160%!

The deformation capacity of masonry is improved by 150%!

Result: Safety for residents and emergency services

EQ-GRID is a cost effective and easy-to-apply earthquake protection system. It has been developed by the textile specialists of the KAST Corporation in cooperation with engineers of the KIT University in Karlsruhe/Germany. Approximately 90.000 m² (107,600yd²) have been successfully applied around the world and many other projects are currently underway.


The system can be used for exterior and interior application as well as single or double sided embedment.

Even single sided applications showed great results in a series of tests.

For new constructions, renovations as well as for historic buildings.

Masonry with cracking damage can be significantly strengthened. Further the system offers efficient anti-crack properties. With only 12 kg/m² (285 lb/ft²) at 8 mm (315 mil) system thickness, negative static influences can be ruled out.

The special mix of high tech yarns and fiber angles of 0 degrees, 90 degrees and + -60 degrees in connection with the specially developed coating makes this a unique textile reinforcement system.

Masonry tensions occurring in earthquake scenarios will be absorbed. This provides safety for schools, hospitals and other strategic buildings.

EQ-Grid could also provide solutions if new building codes are implemented by the government or in the event of change in usage of the building.


Application: Masonry

Earthquake destruction

Embedding EQ-GRID

Secure and sustain building structure

Installation of the EQ-Grid System


Cut EQ-GRID to size

Apply 3mm (118 mil) of mortar with a notched trowel

Diagonal reinforcing of edges and corners

Ring reinforcements applied to story ceilings

At least 20 cm (8 inches) of fabric overlap

Vertical fabric embedding including niches

Apply another 5 mm (197mil) layer of mortar

EQ-GRID system thickness of 8mm (315mil)

EQ-GRID System setup

  1. Masonry.
  2. Special tempered plaster (adjusted for either hard or soft masonry)
  3. EQ-GRID = Quadaxial hybrid textile fabric made of outstanding alkali-resistant glass fibers in combination with highly elastic synthetic fibers
  4. Special tempered plaster (adjusted for either hard or soft masonry)
  5. Top Layer (possibly EIFS / ETICS )


The EQ-TOP system increases the deformation capacity of masonry by 400%!

Economic high-tech composite system for effective protection

Suitable for new constructions, renovations and historic buildings – quick & easy installation


The masonry reinforcement using EQ-TOP wall lining to limit earthquake damage was developed by KIT researchers in Karlsruhe/Germany under leadership of Prof. Lothar Stempniewski.

Cooperative partner companies Covestro (formerly Bayer Material Science) supplied the adhesives and the Kast Corporation supplied the reinforcing fabric.

The excellent benefits of this system were verified by various tests


Masonry walls in steel reinforced concrete frames often show severe damage or even collapse during an earthquake and can no longer support their structural properties.

Reinforcement with EQ-TOP can prevent this. Structural building properties are positively influenced.

In vaulted ceilings (found on a large scale in Italy) EQ-TOP prevents bricks from loosening and falling. This system enables the prevention of injuries or even casualties to the general public in earthquake scenarios.

The EQ-TOP system was designed and developed for interior non-structural masonry but also shows great results on load bearing walls.

Over the last few years, more than 300.000 m² (359,000 yd²) of the EQ-TOP system have been successfully installed worldwide. Many other projects are currently underway.

Application: Masonry


Out of plane bending resulting in building damage

Embed EQ-TOP

Reinforcement applied inside the building

Prep suggestions

Application of the EQ-TOP System

Grind down dry wall, plaster surface, wall paint.

Apply a rich EQ-GLUE coat with paint roller

Embed EQ-TOP, overlap 20cm (8 inches) and apply another layer of EQ-GLUE

System setup


  1. Masonry, plastered and unpainted
  2. Specially adapted polyurethane gel-like adhesive, waterbased, highly deformable
  3. EQ-TOP reinforcement fabric overlapping 20cm (8 in)
  4. Upper layer: plaster, paint or wall cover