Technical Textiles: Drywall / Painters / Construction Primers

The use of high-quality materials are key to modern design of residences and rooms. Appearance and functionality of the new constructed or renovated real estate are important aspects to consider. Kast provides indoor products to obtain a long lasting and valuable construction quality. Jute mesh fabrics are also available for drywall construction using clay board.

Joint Reinforcement

By implementing KAST reinforcement tapes, the joint strength is increased significantly and provides stressed surfaces more cracking resistance. They are suitable as system component of joint filling systems. Kast joint tapes are particularly recommended for complex and high-quality coatings of dry construction boards, e.g. in trowel filling techniques. As a result, quality levels of Q1 to Q4 can be achieved.


Joint Cover Tapes made of Glass Veil

Joints between plasterboard and special drywall boards are reinforced with gypsum based fillers and joint cover tapes made of glass veil, depending on the board edge shape and the various processing steps.

Kast joint tapes stand for reliability at high joint strengths even at low thicknesses and are easy to apply and to process.


Self-Adhesive Joint Cover tapes

Highly tear resistant joints are being achieved by application on flattened longitudinal edges. Due to its one sided, self-adhesive properties, a quick application on drywall boards is achieved. Kast provides high quality joint tapes in various roll lengths and widths, also with customized labeling.


Joint Cover Tape from Paper

A professional application ensures a very high level of joint and crack resistance. The edges are grinded down for a perfect transition to the drywall surface and a thin layer of filler can be applied. KAST paper tapes are in accordance to the harmonized European norm DIN EN 13963.


Joint-Cover Tape made from Cotton Gauze

The KAST cotton gauzes are placed in the wet putty surrounding the joint area of plasterboards and finally covered with a smooth layer of putty.

Reinforcing Fabric for Building Panels

Building boards for damp rooms such as bathrooms allow for a quick and easy room extension. In order to ensure plane and stable panels, the rendering layers applied on both panel sides are reinforced with mesh fabric from KAST, available in light and heavier versions – or as one-sided self-adhesive tape to bridge the panel joints.


Primers improve the adhesion properties of different substrates. Whether foundation primers, exsiccation barrier, plaster base, concrete bonding or barrier base primers – KAST offers high-quality, ready-to-use construction chemicals for all your needs.

Glass Fiber painting and plastering veils

Smooth walls are trendy – smooth surfaces can be achieved quick and easy with our glass fiber veil products without the tedious rework routine.

They can be applied to uneven walls by embedding them into high quality plasters. Glass veils can also create a homogeneous reinforced wall surface on sanded surfaces with high quality paints.