Technical Textiles: Geotextiles

Kast manufactures geotextiles made from glass fibers or as glass/carbon composites (hybrid mesh). These grids for asphalt and concrete pavement reinforcement as well as for sediment and erosion control, ensure the high durability needed in this sector. KAST GeTo geogrids enable a much greater life span compared to conventional pavement constructions, prevents premature restoration and is a cost and resource saver on all levels.

Asphalt Reinforcement Grid

KAST Geotextile Grid is used to reinforce asphalt layers. These mesh fabrics made of glass and/or carbon fibers show a high force absorption at low elongation of less than 3%.

Reinforcement grids can be used for various reasons in asphalt and pavement layers:

  • Reflective cracking in asphalt and pavements
  • Shrinkage cracking in extreme winter conditons
  • Underground settlement (pipe trenches) or due to uneven subsoil conditions or paving
  • Subsequent settlement of new road construction when widening an existing road.
  • Joint covering e.g. bridges/roads
  • Cracking due to high traffic loads
  • Erosion and sediment control in slope areas

Certified asphalt reinforcements extend the service life of a road surface significantly. Asphalt layer thickness can be reduced and therefore a significant reduction in material consumption can be achieved. The glass and/or carbon fibers used absorb horizontal tensile stresses and strains effectively. Future pavement cracking is prevented completely or – at the very least – considerably reduced

Cracks in asphalt that need to be avoided.

GeTo Asphalt reinforcement grids.

Increased average life span of the asphalt layer using Kast GeTo grids.

Slope Stabilization / Erosion Control

Grid fabrics made of high-strength glass fibers offer slope reinforcement and prevent erosion. Project specific tensile strengths and flame-retardant / UV-stable coated grid constructions secure newly constructed slopes until the natural vegetation takes over. Geogrids remain fully functional for long periods of time.