Technical Textiles: Textile Architecture

Textile architecture combines aesthetic efficiency with functionality.

A2 Technical Textiles by Kast, designs and manufactures non-combustible glass fabrics consisting of specific finishing and coatings for various interior applications (according to European Norm DIN EN 13501-1: A2-s1, d0). Available as a mesh or dense fabric made of glass yarns or threads. These fabrics are commonly used in the areas of lighting, acoustics, design, printing and fire protection.

Ceiling Covering Fabric

Our métier here at Kast is the manufacturing of aesthetically sophisticated, project-specific architectural fabrics.

The fire-protection-compliant and non-combustible fabrics do not release any toxic gases in the event of a fire and are just another addition to your safety.

Dense fabrics and grid constructions are possible up to a width of 600 cm (236.22 in).


FIRE-TEX 93412                                                                       FIRE-TEX 120 RED

Light and Acoustic Fabrics

KAST’s light and acoustic fabric FIRE-TEX 440 with its wafer-thin silicone finish is both translucent and air-permeable. Efficient acoustic solutions in public buildings are easily achievable when sound insulation measures are combined with our fabric and applied directly above it.

KAST offers a variety of non-combustible glass fabric constructions, such as non-combustible interliner for upholstered seating in escape routes.