Technical Textiles: Concrete, Screed and Mortar Reinforcement

Reinforcing highly alkaline matrixes such as Concrete Slabs requires special alkali-resistant glass fiber fabrics, known as AR glasses. Those glass fiber fabrics offer a high zirconium oxide (ZrO2) content of ≥ 16%. Steel reinforcements require a concrete cover of at least 35mm to 40mm (1.38in to 1.58in), often not possible when thin construction is needed. KAST AR-Glass mesh fabric on both sides of the panel provides the solution.

More often Screeds are being reinforced with textile reinforcement grids of 9mm (0.35in) and up to 40 mm (1.58in) mesh size. This reinforcement prevents early shrinkage cracks and replaces conventional steel reinforcements with vast advantages e.g. aspects in logistics, handling, safety and costs.

Nowadays, the Mortar applied to masonry joints is often layered thinner and reinforcing grids are used in growing numbers to increase the stability of the masonry.

Facade Panel Reinforcement Grid

Facade panels reinforced on both sides with AR glass mesh fabrics enable a modern and resource-saving architecture. A broad product range of KAST AR reinforcement fabrics offers exactly the right reinforcement wherever it is needed.

Support Fabric for Floor and Wall Heating Systems

Modern buildings are often equipped with underfloor and/or wall heating systems. KAST reinforcing fabrics made of textile glass fibers are used to avoid tension cracks. Further optimizing the connection between the heating system and the particular mortar in use. Depending on the heating system used, various glass grid constructions with different tear strengths and mesh sizes (even self-adhesive) are available.
KAST also offers reinforcing mesh made of jute fibers for ecological clay constructions.

Masonry Joint Reinforcement

KAST grids are offered as rolled goods significantly reducing transport, storage and processing expenses. KAST offers a wide range of grid constructions that are individually adjusted to the various needs of the clay brick industry in terms of longitudinal and transverse force absorption, width, roll length and many other parameters.

Screed Reinforcement


Reinforcement grid made of glass fibers with a mesh size of 9x9mm (.35x.35in) and 40×40 mm (1.58 x1.58 inch) prevents shrinkage cracks during the curing of screed floors. Advantages over conventional metal grids: easier transport and storing (fabric on rolls), time efficient due to the easy installation and reducing the risk of injuries. KAST Grids are effective and economical.