Book Production: Perfect Binder

A perfect binder is a machine, on which industrially produced book blocks are glued and back lined. Our materials are usable on all technical systems in the market, such as paper lined mull, crepe paper, non-woven and calico to produce book blocks that can be used on any perfect binder.

Paper lined mull

Paper lined mull is a perfect material combination of cotton fabric and paper, which makes it possible to attach back reinforcements with fabric to book blocks. It is usable as an alternative to crepe paper and serves to stabilize the binding in straight and round book blocks. Due to the direct connection of fabric with the back glue, optimum stability and a perfect hinge between book block and book cover is achieved. We offer paper lined mulls with different fabrics that can be processed as wide or narrow rolls.


Crepe paper white

Crepe papers consist of high-quality base papers with different crepe variants and are used for back-gluing the spines of books. Like Paper lined mulls, they cover the entire spine and reinforce the book block. Our crepe papers are available in different basis weights, crepe structures, coatings, and roll widths. The varying elongation properties are suitable for the production of books in all sizes with a straight or round back. Processing on perfect binders is very well possible thanks to its excellent inherent stability.


Non-woven is a fiber material made of cellulose and viscose for industrially produced thin books. Like paper lined mulls and crepe papers, non-wovens are used to reinforce the book block and to strengthen the spine. Non-woven is mainly used in narrow rolls.


Calico is a high quality coated fabric made of 100% cotton and is used for pasting and folding the book block. Here, the connection between the book cover and book block is reinforced and gives the book block optimum strength. Our Calico is suitable for refined brochures such as the Swiss brochure and brochures with fabric backs. For heavy and high-quality books with strong round book blocks, Calico is the best material for processing in narrow rolls.