Book Production: Casing-in-Line

In a casing inline (book line), the prefabricated book blocks are connected with the book cover to the finished book. Depending on the technical equipment of the casing inline, gauze, backliner and Headband are used. We supply these materials for traditional and new book lines.


Gauze is a cotton fabric that is glued to the spine after the ribbon has been glued on. The gauze reinforces and stabilizes the spine and helps to connect the book block and book cover. Our gauze is available in different fabric settings (thread count and stiffness). We have single-threaded or multi-threaded – also paired – gauzes, which are as suitable for use on the book line as for manual processing.


Crepe paper brown

Backliner is a brown kraft paper with slight creping, which is used as a carrier for headband and for additional stabilization of industrially produced hardcover books. It is glued to the book block along with the headband. Backliners are available in different crepe structures and weights.



Headband is a small colored band, which is glued to the top and bottom of the spine and contributes as a decorative element to beautify the book. In the production process, it is glued together with the backliner on the book block. It protects the book from dust and stress and closes the gap between spine and book block. Our headbands have very good cutting and adhesive properties. We have an extensive color range of headbands in our product portfolio, available one or two-colored.