Book Production: Thread Sewing Machine

Thread sewing machines use the highest quality binding method for stapling brochures or hardcover books. In this case, the individual signatures are connected with threads, so that the layers hold together. We deliver the threads for this production process. In this way, book blocks of the highest quality can be produced.

Sewing Thread

For the process of book stitching, we offer different kinds of threads, which are usable on all sewing machines.

Our range of threads includes:


• Polyester / cotton on 10,000 m or 15,000 m spools

• Polyester / Polyester

• Nylon


For special orders, we also offer colored threads.

Heat Sealing system

For this very special binding process, in which the plastic in the thread is melted and glued to the paper, we offer three different types of heat-sealing threads:


• Heat sealing thread HZ 39/2 E

• Heat sealing thread HZ 44/2 E

• Heat sealing thread HZ 54/2 E


All threads are ideal for thread sealing and can be used on all systems. The choice of the right thread depends on the type of fold and the puncture thickness. We have different thread strengths and material compositions in our portfolio, depending on the quality, finish and grammage of the paper.