Value Added and Reinforced Papers: Special Applications

Our product portfolio is topped by materials for special applications like outfitting, cleaning or forming/shaping by various mulls being used in the food and non food sector.


Textile and paper based materials may get used for production of packaging for food as well as for composite materials.


• Cheesecloth


• Barrier material


• Closing material

Non Food

Mulls and composite materials are used in numerous applications across various industry sectors:


• Furnishing (Decorations, devotional objects, fashion and jewellery)


• Laminated mull (coatings, shoe production, gummed parts)


• Hinge mull (component construction, prototype construction, modelling…)


• Form mull (form part construction, ceramics)


• Cleaning mull (mechanical engineering, printing industry, …)


• Medical mull (dressing material)