Value Added and Reinforced Papers: Reprography

Long-life and heavily resistant reprography-papers are used when normal papers fail.

Documents and plans of technical constructions for buildings, streets, infrastructure and other constructions represent application examples. Our textile reinforced papers are the first choice of architects, constructor, designer and commercial artists. All our reprography papers are certified for digital printers.


CAD–Linen is a textile reinforced paper and certified for the printing of newest digital printing machines.

Conventional diazo prints resist the normal print folding and handling without breaking or tearing. If, however, more endurance and permanence for many years of document storage in land registry offices or for handling on construction site are required, then linen reinforced copies are the better choice. Authorities in various countries insist on textile backed prints.
Even for applications with unconventional edition like consignments, material labelling, heavily used documents or single labels linen reinforced papers are the better copy basis material.