Value Added and Reinforced Papers: Envelope Industry

Our tear resistant and reinforced papers are processed into envelopes and pockets, sample bags, durable packages. Papyrolin and PaperFilm protect important contents against tearing, breaking or creasing upon mail transport or handling. We produce multi-layer papers reinforced by scrim or film.

Papyrolin – Fadenverstärkte Materialien

Papyrolin is a textile reinforced three-layered paper for production of tear proof packaging material with various grammages and equal or two coloured surfaces.


These papers are used for the production of envelopes, pockets, durable packages and labels.


This tear resistant paper is composed of three layers in a sandwich technique:


Paper – Textile – Paper


A large variety of Papyrolin qualities is offered with different grammages, colours as well as differing fabrics. This variety allows Papyrolin to get adapted to individual applications and offer an optimized solution. The tensile-strength of this material provides safety concerning tearing, buckling or even breaking.


Reinforced, tearproof paper with a core made of a synthetic material (PaperFilm).


This highly tearproof paper qualifies for highly resistant packaging, tapes and tags.


PaperFilm is manufactured by the three layers sandwich method:




It is climate-and weatherproof and highly resistant.

PaperFilm is available in various grammages from 90g/m² to 280 g/m² and in several colours.