1961 Foundation of the company by Dr. Günther Kast. Production of backlining materials for industrial book binderies, wrapping cloths made of mull for the production of dry batteries, woven self-adhesive scrim tape made of mull for the laying of gypsum plaster boards, tarlatan for the clothing industry.
1966 Relocation to Abt-Reubi-Str. 6 in Sonthofen.
1972 Build-up of sales organisation for glass fabrics for plaster reinforcement as one of the first companies in Germany.
1978 Foundation of Dr. Günther Kast GmbH & Co. Technische Gewebe Spezial-Fasererzeugnisse KG.
1990 Building up of our own refinement for the manufacturing of technical textiles.
1994 Mr. Christoph Kast joins the management of the company.
1995 Acquisition of a long-time Hungarian glass fibre supplier which strengthened our position in the glass fibre sector in Europe.
1998 Our special paper lined mull for industrial book binderies is patented.
2002 Acquisition of the mobile property and working capital of the company Leuze & Rilling in Wannweil and expansion of the company Dr. Kast with a new relocation in Sonthofen, Fluhensteinweg 3.
2005 Purchase of the production line of a long-time Swedish supplier and continuation of the hereupon manufactured product assortment especially for dry mortarless construction.
2007 Take-over of a long-time South German partner, which increased our efficiency for finishings and coatings for the graphic industry.
2009 Integration of the South German partner into the Sonthofen production site.
2011 The company Dr. Günther Kast celebrates with their employees its 50th anniversary .


As a manufacturer of technical textiles and special fibre products we offer individual fabric adjustments, colourings, finishings, coatings, overprints, gumming and their packings according to the customers' request.

The company Dr. Günther Kast GmbH & Co. KG puts special emphasis on service, adherence to delivery dates, stability of quality and professional advice. Our close cooperation with machine manufacturers, customers and suppliers, combined with the experience we have gained for decades, enables us to provide products for the most different industrial applications in almost 80 countries worldwide.


Dr. Günther Kast GmbH & Co.
Technische Gewebe
Spezial-Fasererzeugnisse KG
Abt-Reubi-Str. 6
87527 Sonthofen (Germany)
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